Self Service kiosks

Increase business hours to include 24/7 by using SEDCO self-service kiosks.

Self-service kiosks offer a cost-effective solution for businesses, enabling customers to perform self-services independently. These kiosks, equipped with a voice command feature, provide a touchless experience similar to face-to-face interaction, allowing businesses to streamline services and reduce operational expenses.

Transforming its branches into smart digital ones using self-service machines.

SEDCO self-service kiosks, available in FASTSERV and CONSULTA series, offer businesses flexibility based on service type, branch side, and budget. These machines reduce staff workload and provide convenience for customers. Powered by BI, they offer detailed reports and targeted ads.

Get the service

Enjoy The Flexibility Of 24/7 Product Support.

Customers may access your services at any time, from any location, and with minimal effort and time commitment. That is, in essence, convenience.

The FASTSERV Self-Service Kiosk

For rapid services without a need for sitting, the FASTSERV Kiosks Series is appropriate. It offers services including printing, depositing money, and issuing and renewing cards.