Customer Experience Management

CEM Mobile ensures a smooth experience by streamlining the customer journey and upholding social distancing. Queues are eliminated.

CEM Mobile offers customers a safer and more sanitary experience by allowing them to schedule appointments, plan visits in advance, obtain e-tickets, and join virtual lines.

  • Virtual queuing to minimize human interaction.
  • Distribute e-tickets to reduce paperwork.
  • Streamline the customer journey and make the customer experience as smooth as possible
  • Keep your customers updated with your latest products and services through targeted advertising
  • Share health tips through the mobile app to protect your customers.
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Virtual Queuing System: Whenever and whenever needed

Empower customers to book appointments from anywhere, receive reminders via app or SMS, and enjoy a safer experience, ideal for small branches in dynamic locations like malls and airports.

With CEM Mobile, your customers can:

  •   The location service allows users to locate the nearest branch or self-service point.

  •   Book appointments instantly from anywhere, ensuring the ultimate convenience.

  •   To avoid lengthy questions with phone representatives, please view a comprehensive list of your services.

  •   Get an e-ticket without visiting your branch.
  •   To avoid crowded waiting rooms, schedule appointments and receive reminders to ensure a smoother experience.
  •   Users can access wait time status to plan their time accordingly.
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Increase Sales and Brand Recognition with Mobile Marketing

With CEM Mobile, you have the ability to show clients tailored promotional material about your goods and services while they schedule appointments. The Omni-channel marketing solution is effortlessly integrated with our intelligent CEM Mobile application.

  •   Customers will recognise your brand more if you inform them about pertinent offerings.

  •   Reach out to them whenever and wherever you are.

  •   Encourage purchases by showcasing relevant and interesting promotional information.

  •   Maintain consumer interest in your brand and provide them a satisfying experience

Obtain Immediate Feedback to Help You Improve Your Service

SEDCO's CEM Mobile integrates into its Omni-Channel feedback solution, providing instant customer feedback for service improvement. The app links each feedback to transaction, employee, and branch, offering accurate and cost-effective analysis and insights for business performance.

With CEM Mobile, your customers can:

  •   Clients may proceed to your branch when their turn is about to expire since they receive notifications through the mobile app or SMS.

  •   It's simple to provide feedback, so clients finish the assessment

  •   The individual is expected to promptly address any issues with dissatisfied clients to ensure they receive the high-quality service they are renowned for.

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Advantages of the CEM Mobile

Simplify the movement of customers between different branches

Simple to incorporate using the current business mobile app

Cut down on client wait times and service durations

Use mobile marketing to increase sales and brand recognition.

Make sure the client experience is smooth and enjoyable.

Obtain immediate client feedback to boost productivity.

Promote your other channels by allowing users to make appointments via a mobile app.

Maintain branch occupancy by limiting the amount of patrons served at each counter.